As a citizen of the world who shares the same values you can also support and voice ocean cleanup initiatives. A SEAQUAL FRIEND recognizes the urgency to act, now. Join the community and become a SEAQUAL FRIEND. Together we can challenge Plastic Pollution.

Because #yourchoicematters, join us @seaqualfriends.

A SEAQUAL FRIEND supports our SEAQUAL HEROES: the NGOs, fishermen, local authorities and researchers who work daily to tackle the problem of marine litter.

There is no single, one-size-fits-all solution to the plastics issue. We believe in collaboration, together we can challenge this.

You can be the driving force behind the initiatives. Inspiring others to support, to share, to act tackling marine litter. Join us as a SEAQUAL FRIEND and let’s fight Plastic Pollution, together.

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